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Anavar Purity Pharmaceuticals with Oxandrolone as its active ingredient has limited androgenic effects, which means it promotes significant strength improvements without causing substantial weight gain due to minimal water retention. The use of Anavar does not result in a major increase in muscle mass quality, but recent research suggests that the gained material is sustained over time. Moreover, Anavar does not undergo aromatization during prolonged usage.

How to dose Anavar Purity Pharmaceuticals
The advised daily dose for Anavar is between 30mg and 100mg, to be taken for a period of 6 to 12 weeks. The substance has a half-life of 9 to 12 hours, which means that doses are typically split into two, with one taken in the morning and one in the evening. Oxandrolone can remain in the body for approximately 30 to 35 days. While Oxandrolone itself doesn’t lead to significant muscle growth, it can enhance the effects of other steroids. When used alongside highly androgenic steroids like Anabol or testosterone, it can be particularly effective. When combined with non-aromatizing steroids like stanozolol or methenolone, Oxandrolone is useful for increasing muscle strength and achieving a harder physique.

Side effects of Anavar Purity Pharmaceuticals
Compared to other substances, the side effects of Anavar are relatively mild. The most commonly reported side effect is acne, and at higher doses, it can have a significant impact on the digestive system, causing regular diarrhea. Oxandrolone is a liver toxic substance due to its 17-alpha-alkylated property, but studies have shown that even when taken daily at a dosage of 20 mg for 12 weeks, there is minimal effect on liver values and function.


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