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MENT, also known as trestolone acetate, is currently regarded as the strongest “bulk” type among anabolic steroids. MENT belongs to the 19-nor variant of steroids, which also includes deca and trenbolone. However, unlike deca or trenbolone, MENT does not cause “deca or tren dick,” as some may say. Even without testosterone, this substance will greatly increase libido because MENT is the only substance that is not dependent on testosterone. When buying trestolone, make sure to choose a high-quality product as it is a costly raw material.

How to take Ment Hardcorelabs
To achieve ideal outcomes with Trestolone, it is crucial to grasp the suitable dosages. The suggested dose is between 10mg and 50mg each day for a duration of six weeks. Nevertheless, seasoned users may consume up to 100mg daily, yet this is not recommended for beginners due to the heightened likelihood of encountering adverse effects like hair loss and acne.

Side effects of Ment Hardcorelabs
Men who use trestolone may experience side effects such as diminished levels of estrogen, which can lead to symptoms like decreased sexual function and lower bone mineral density, among other possible effects.


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