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NPP is similar in properties to the well-known Deca-Durabolin drug. Nandrolone phenylpropionate quickly enters the bloodstream and remains active for two to three days. NPP has a pronounced anabolic effect, which aids in protein synthesis and its preservation in muscle cells in large quantities. Its moderate androgenic component, in combination with these effects, helps in body restoration and maintaining muscle mass during a diet.

How to dose NPP Hardcorelabs
For optimal results, NPP should be administered every three to two days. Each injection should contain a dose of approximately 50-100 mg, with a weekly dose ranging from 150-300 mg. Additionally, injecting 1-2 ml at a time is less painful than injecting 2-4 ml.

Side Effects of NPP Hardcorelabs
NPP is highly regarded as one of the safest and most secure steroids available. It poses no significant harm to the liver, and in fact, Nandrolone phenylpropionate may even be prescribed to individuals with liver conditions. Cases of side effects are rare and usually occur only in individuals who are highly sensitive.When taken at appropriate doses, women need not worry about experiencing male characteristics such as a deeper voice, hoarseness, increased libido, or acne. In men, long-term and excessive use of NPP may lead to a decrease in natural testosterone production due to a delay in the release of gonodropins in the pituitary gland.


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