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Tamoxifen allso known as Nolvadex, originally designed for treating and preventing breast cancer in women, has gained popularity among male bodybuilders in recent years. This is because many steroid drugs used by athletes promote the production of estrogen, the female sex hormone, which has negative effects on men such as water retention, increased body fat, and even the development of mammary glands. Tamoxifen is a non-steroidal antiestrogenic drug that works by blocking estrogen receptors, preventing the interaction between receptors and hormones.

How to dose Nolvadex Hardcorelabs
In terms of men, it is advised for them to consume a daily dosage of 40 mg during the initial half of the Tamoxifen PCT cycle. As for the latter half of the post-cycle therapy, the recommended dose will decrease to 20 mg per day. However, the duration of the cycle, be it four weeks, eight weeks, or somewhere in between, is ultimately based on personal preference.

Side Effects of Nolvadex Hardcorelabs
Improper usage of this medication can heighten the chances of experiencing negative effects such as depression, sleepiness, exhaustion, difficulty with bowel movements, loss of appetite, elevated body temperature, feeling lightheaded, bouts of vomiting, and periods of low mood.


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